Community Engagement Team

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The CET, a multi-agency collaborative, reaches out to underserved Cambridge families and connects them to community events and resources, develops community leaders, and supports agencies in working with a diverse community.   

Some of the major goals for the CET include:

  • Helping Cambridge families become aware of and connected to services and activities that help them thrive and participate in community life.
  • Identifying new grassroots leaders that will help shape community life to benefit underserved communities.
  • Helping Cambridge agencies to be more effective in reaching out to diverse populations and providing them with the support they need to thrive.
  • Being recognized as a valuable resource that helps shape priorities and policies.

A large component of this effort is hiring and training community members (American-born Black, Bangladeshi, Ethiopian, Haitian, and Spanish and Arabic speaking) as outreach workers to reach out to and engage underserved families in early childhood activities and services.

In order to increase Cambridge programs’ knowledge of immigrant and minority communities, Networking Events are held 3 times per year in an effort to share best community engagement practices and to encourage programs to adjust their practices to become more welcoming to diverse communities.

Click here to view CET resources, including ABBOT’s Shining a Light on Racism report.

Learn more about the Community Engagement Team and some of our community partners by clicking on these video links.

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Michelle Godfrey
Center for Families