Inclusion Initiative for Children

pencil drawing of a heart with the edges made up of stickfigures of kids with the word inclusion in the middle of the heart

The inclusion of children with disabilities is a priority of the City.  We welcome individuals with disabilities who meet the basic eligibility requirements of the out-of-school time programs.

The first contact for families who are seeking to enroll their child into a DHSP Program such as Community Schools, Youth Programs, Childcare, King Open Extended Day and Recreation Programs is our full time Inclusion Specialist. Our staff receive specialized training in how best to structure their programs to be inclusive in specific methods such as: Positive Behavior Support, De-escalation and more. 

Individuals, either independently or with the provision of reasonable accommodations, should be able and willing to participate in group activities; understand and follow program rules; conduct themselves safely and appropriately in a group setting; and successfully transition from one activity to another. 

Please contact Nicole Horton, Manager for Inclusion Services.

Download our brochure to learn more about the inclusion initiative.

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