Youth Center Programs

Aerobics Class at Cambridge Youth Center

As the City continues to respond to COVID-19 and follow guidance from the State, DHSP staff are engaged in planning DHSP programs.

Our Mission

The Cambridge Youth Programs offer diverse, high quality programs that promote leadership and youth development through enrichment activities, unique experiences, and opportunities to develop relationships with adults and peers.  Our programs enable Cambridge youth to thrive and feel a sense of belonging, resulting in young adults who are ready for future employment, higher education, citizenship and adult life.

Who We Are

A diverse, multi-talented staff provides direct service, enrichment opportunities and mentorship for young people enrolled in our programs.  Each Youth Center has three full-time staff members who guide program staff in leading planned program activities and ensure that programs are operating within our Principles of Practice.  A part-time staff of approximately 50 Youth Workers provides mentorship and implements program activities.

Our Sites

Our five fully-equipped youth centers include classroom space, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, kitchens and easy access to parks.  CYP provides year-round activities for more than one thousand youth.  The centers are conveniently located in five Cambridge neighborhoods.

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Our Programs

The Cambridge Youth Programs operate two distinct programs within each center—an after school Pre-teen/Middle School Afterschool Program and an evening Teen Program.  Our programs are designed to be in alignment with national research, promoting youth development and leadership.  We offer additional programs during the school vacation weeks and summer months. 

View the Youth Centers Teen Program Application (ages 14-19)
View the Youth Centers Pre-Teen/Middle School Application Packet
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