Baby University

Baby U

Baby U is an innovative program designed for parents with children pre-natal to age 3.  This program aims to: increase parents’ knowledge on a variety of child-rearing topics; strengthen parent-child relationships; break parental isolation; and connect parents to beneficial community resources. 

This 16 week program offers 10 weeks of workshops followed by 5 weeks of playgroups. Parents are supported with 6-8 home visits. Key parenting messages are reinforced throughout the 16 weeks of the program.

Parents who complete the entire program can join the Baby U Alumni Association. This Association teaches new skills, strengthens relationships and maintains the supportive connections between staff and families.

Cambridge has a commitment to all of its families, to ensure they have the same level of opportunity to access resources and programs. Baby U helps us to achieve this goal. Check out our video below to hear what our families have to say about Baby U or Check out our YouTube Channel!