Fire Detail Information

A fire detail may be required for cutting and welding operations: Cutting/Welding/Hot Work Permit, for demolition operations: Demolition Permit, for assembly occupancies where candles are in use; and for other purposes where the Fire Marshal deems it necessary for life safety such as fire protection/fire alarm impairments and special events.

Office Hours are 8-10am and 2-3pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  Detail requests and cancelations must be in before 1pm.

Office Closed Holidays.

Details must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance. Multiple days can be scheduled in advance.

How to Request a Detail:

Log in to

 to do the following:

  • Schedule/Request Details
  • View Invoices
  • View Detail History
  • View Scheduled Details
  • Update Vendor Profile

*** Please Note: Deadline for submitting detail requests must be in by 1pm the business day before.  Requests submitted after 1pm may not be filled and work may not be allowed.  Thank you.

Canceling a Fire Detail    *** Please Note: Deadline for submitting detail cancellations must be in by 1pm the business day before.  Cancellations submitted after 1pm may require payment of entire detail.  Thank you. 

Questions or concerns can be made by sending an email to

 or by calling (617) 349-4921.