Fire & Home Safety Information for Parents and Teachers

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Below are links to websites and pages that cover health, home and fire safety.

Hoarding and Fire Safety, brochure from FEMA with risks and safety tips for hoarders and responders: Hoarding and Fire Safety

Fire & Home Safety Topics and Flyers, from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services. From Burn Prevention to Winter Home Heating Safety, over 40 topics are covered. Fire Safety Topics and Flyers

Safety Tip Sheets , from the NFPA. Most are 1 page pdf documents you can print and hand out. They include topics on numerous subjects covering home and fire safety. NFPA Tip Sheets

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Safety Information page. Includes links for consumers, kids, and public educators. Safety Information

Home Fire Drills, why you should have one, how to make them, how to practice them.

Practicing Home Fire Drills, Massachusetts Department of Fire Services info on home fire drills.

Home Fire Drill . Org, A website dedicated completely to home fire drills

NFPA Escape Planning, Basic fire escape planning from NFPA. Everything you need to know and do.

Parents and Educators Resource Page at NFPA, and

For Kids 3 to 5, multimedia fire safety education program created especially for children ages three to five: playsafebesafe;

Injury Prevention Site, including fire safety

College Campus Fire Safety:

CFD Brochure 

F.E.M.A's U.S. Fire Administration page on Campus Fire Safety

The Center for Campus Fire Safety: HERE

Off-Campus Fire & Life Safety Alliance: HERE