Street Signs

Street signs provide regulations, warnings and guidance to all road users on public ways. Signs that we use are governed by the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Control Devices (MUTCD, or The Manual), Part 2. In general, we cannot post a sign that does not appear in this manual. Any sign that does not appear must still conform with Chapter 1A of the Manual.

Our goal is to post only signs that are useful and effective. Posting too many signs reduces their effectiveness and creates clutter on our crowded sidewalks. 

Damaged and Missing Signs

TP&T maintains and installs over 2500 signs a year. If you believe a sign is missing, stolen, damaged or has been vandalized, please use Commonwealth Connect to report the issue you have observed.  If the damaged or missing sign is an immediate public safety concern (i.e. missing "STOP" sign, "DO NOT ENTER" sign or "ONE WAY" sign) please call our office directly at 617-349-4700 during regular work hours. At all other times, please call the Cambridge Police Department at 617-349-3300.

Requests for New Signs

TP&T installs new signs when and where appropriate upon requests from residents or businesses. To make such a request, please click on the links below.

Sign Types

Signs fall into one of the following categories: Regulatory, Warning and Guide signs


Usually rectangular, these signs inform the road user of a regulation. They include stop, yield, parking, speed limit, no left turn, keep right, no turn on red, do not enter, truck route and exclusion, parking regulation and one-way signs.


Usually yellow and diamond-shaped, these signs warn the road user. They include signal and stop ahead, merge, and crosswalk signs.


These rectangular signs include street name signs and route number signs.

Note: We do not install or maintain intersection Memorial or Dedication signs. These signs are the responsibility of the Department of Public Works sign shop. If you would like to report a problem or concern, contact them at or call 617-349-4800.

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