Squad 4

Squad 4
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History of Squad # 4

Cambridge Fire Department paramedic service was initiated and Squads 2 and 4 were established on1 May 2005.

Protecting North and West Cambridge, Squad #4 runs out of the quarters of Engine Company #4 in Porter Square, North Cambridge. The squad is staffed by 2 Fire Department members, with at least one paramedic (usually 2) on duty. Other Cambridge Fire Paramedic/Advanced Life Support units include Squad #2 (Lafayette Square), Rescue Company #1 (Fire Headquarters), Engine Company #1 (Fire Headquarters), and Engine Company #3 (East Cambridge).

In addition to Emergency Medical Service/Advanced Life Support supplies and equipment, each rig is equipped with firefighting forcible-entry and search tools, rabbit tool, thermal-imaging -camera, Class A and Class BC fire extinguishers, SCBA, hydraulic rescue tools and cutters, and air sampling devices and meters. These Squads bring City of Cambridge Fire Department EMS care to the 21st century and also enhance our firefighting capability, as well as our capability to mitigated hazardous materials incidents and provide defense against terrorist attack. Fire department medics participate in ongoing training to operate as tactical firefighter/paramedics in various types of special hazards, homeland defense, and technical rescue situations. The squads complement the Cambridge Fire Department’s 21st century “all-hazards” approach to protection and safety.

The initial Squad 4 was a 2005 Ford F350 van which was outfitted in-house by the CFD shop mechanics and technical service personnel.

Squad 4's current rig was placed in service on Sunday, 8 April 2018 at 1147 hours. This 21st century paramedic, firefighting, tech-rescue, and "all-hazards" apparatus is a 2017 Ford F450 four-wheel-drive, 4-door cab, diesel, body built by Fire-1 of Mendon.Squad 2 runs a similar unit from the Lafayette Square Fire House

All Fire Department paramedic/ALS first line units are non-transport. A Fire Department transport ALS ambulance, designated Rescue 2, is not normally staffed but is available for special events and large-scale incidents. On a daily basis, Professional Ambulance will both assist in provision of medical care and provide transport to medical facilities.

For questions about Squad #4, contact the captain of Squad 2 and Squad 4 Here:


Squad # 4 Statistics

Calendar Year Responses Building Fires
2021 1875 31
2020 1882 49
2019  2115 45
2018 2099 40
2017 1928 27
2016 1877 41
2015 1853 49
2014 1634 44
2013 1626 51
Fiscal Year Responses Building Fires
2012/2013 1711 54
2011/2012 1506 40
2010/2011 1044 19
2009/2010 2062 51
2008/2009 2314 59