False Alarm Billing Information

The fees structure for fire department responses is established by Cambridge Municipal Ordinance Section 2.48.180 -  Fee for false alarms. 

False alarm fees are calculated on a six month basis. If the fire department responded to your property more than three times in a six month period, and the cause of the response was due to a faulty or non-maintained alarm system, a fee for the additional responses will be charged against your property. For information or questions regarding a bill you have received for false alarms, please contact Captain Paul Marinelli at : https://www.cambridgema.gov/cfd/contactus or (617) 349-4968.

Section 2.48.180 Fee for false alarms.

A.    Regarding buildings which have an AFAS connected directly to the Fire Department or connected indirectly to said Department through a private alarm company, a fee will be charged by the Fire Department for all responses by the Department to such buildings, where the response is caused by the activation of the AFAS, and the fee may be assessed against the owner or tenant of the building. No fee will be charged in the following circumstances:

  1. Where the AFAS was activated by an actual fire. 
  2. Where the AFAS was activated by smoke from a source such as burning food or an overheated motor or overheated electrical appliance or other equipment. 
  3. Where someone, with reasonable cause, activates a manual pull station.

B.    No fee will be charged for the first three responses in any six-month period, i.e. any period between January 1st and June 30th or between July 1st and December 31st. After the third response in any six-month period, the following fees will be assessed for subsequent responses within that period:

Fourth response,                                     $50.00

Fifth response,                                         $75.00

Sixth response,                                      $100.00 

Seventh response,                                $150.00 

Eighth and subsequent responses,       $200.00

(Ord. 1110 (part), 1990)