Guidelines for Victim Decontamination after Laboratory Exposure

decon training drill, photo by Brian Higgins

CAMBRIDGE LEPC's Biotech Subcommittee Guidelines for Pre-Er Decontamination after Laboratory Exposures.

INTENT: This guide has been developed to help clarify the type and extent of decontamination a patient(s) should receive following an accidental laboratory exposure. The primary objective of this effort is to assure timely treatment of the exposed patient, protection of first responders and emergency medical personnel, and prevention of contamination of facilities and equipment. It outlines specific information that must be provided by representatives of the facility or the patient to the first-responders and emergency-medical-personnel to help evaluate the situation and determine the extent of personnel-decontamination appropriate for the exposure incident.


In the event of personnel exposure to laboratory chemicals or other hazardous materials, the following information shall be provided to First-Responders, and transported along with patient to Emergency-Medical-Facility.


  1. Name of hazardous material(s) involved in writing.
  2. A copy of MSDS for the hazardous material(s).
  3. Description of signs and symptoms the patient is experiencing from exposure.
  4. Detailed description of the extent of exposure/contamination (parts of body, amount of material, etc.) of the patient.
  5. Detailed description of what has been done in-house to decontaminate the patient (specifics on type and extent of decontamination).
  6. Information in writing on any “special concerns” regarding this exposure. Explain whether exposure to the patient could result in secondary contamination or infection.
  7. The name & phone number in writing of a knowledgeable-person who can be contacted for further information/clarification (This may be the lab manager and/ or a representative from the EHS Office.).
  8. Any other relevant information.


Attached is a form to use in case of an exposure: 

Personal Decontamination Survey Sheet