Hazardous Material Process or Processing 527 CMR 1 Chapter 60

hazardous materials container

Below is the link to the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services State Fire Code. Chapter 60 has information related to hazardous materials. Once you have determined that your facility is required to apply for a permit, go to Cambridge Fire Department's Online Permitting Portal link below and apply for the application.  If you have not visited the page before, you will have to register before you can apply for the permit.  Payment can be done at the same time. (Customers will still have the ability to pay for permits via cash or check at the Cambridge Fire Prevention Bureau's Office at 491 Broadway, Cambridge MA.  Office hours are Monday through Thursday 8am-3pm, Friday 8am-11am.)

Once you have applied, a representative from the fire department will contact you for a visit and/or issue the permit, which you will be able to print from the portal.  The permit is good for one year.  Repeat the process for each subsequent year that your facility falls under the guidelines of needing to file for a permit.

Massachusetts State Fire Code link: Massachusetts State Fire Code

Cambridge Fire Department Online Permitting Portal link: CFD Online Permitting Portal

If you have questions, please contact Lt. Chris Towski ctowski@cambridgefire.org.