Sprinkler Trailer Video

Sprinkler Trailer Image

Thanks to our friends at Cambridge Community Television (www.cctvcambridge.org), we are able to offer a video that demonstrates what takes place inside and outside the Department of Fire Services' Sprinkler Trailer, a two-in-one educational vehicle.  Inside, you will be shown common household fire  and life safety concerns and fixes, as well as experience a smoke alarm activation due to 'smoke' and participate in safely evacuating the room to the outside.  Outside, you will watch as our instructors light a tee shirt on fire, the smoke builds to the point it activates a sprinkler head above the shirt, then watch as the water quickly and efficiently puts out the fire.

The video doesn't show you everything, but you will have an excellent idea as to what the trailer is all about, and perhaps next time it's in your vicinity, you can stop by and experience it in person!

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