STEAM Habits of Mind Featured at National Conference

4/29/20242 months ago

Conference program featuring STEAM Habits of Mind

Last month, the Cambridge STEAM Initiative took the Habits of Mind study on the road to National Afterschool Association Conference in Dallas, Texas. STEAM staff were invited to lead a “spark” session at the conference, which brings together thousands of afterschool professionals to discover cutting-edge solutions, innovative resources, and the latest trends in afterschool programs.

A spark session is meant to inspire conversation and curiosity, and that’s exactly what happened as we presented on STEAM Habits of Mind. We shared the study’s Executive Summary and recommendations. Participants toured a STEAM poster gallery, listening to audio clips from each of the 11 Out-of-School time professionals featured in the study and looking for examples of Habits of Mind.  

The stories and voices shared in the audio clips resonated with session participants, and many were curious about connecting with the individuals highlighted in the study. They also appreciated hearing about the approach of using STEAM Habits of Mind. There are many versions of STEAM curricula, but the STEAM Habits of Mind offers something different: an approach that programs can use to tailor to their specific contexts. People from across the country experienced what the City of Cambridge is doing to build equitable STEAM pathways for youth.

We look forward to bringing this workshop back to Cambridge and beyond.

Looking to learn more from the voices in our STEAM community? Check out the STEAM Rises podcast! STEAM Rises is available on Spotify and Apply Podcasts