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STEAM Habits of Mind

Cambridge is a city known for its cutting-edge biotechnology, science, arts, and academia. Yet historically, our young people are not typically on an academic and workforce pathway to jobs in these local industries. How do we address the barriers of access and opportunity that prevent young people from building STEAM skills and engaging with STEAM opportunities?

Enter STEAM Habits of Mind. We identified 6 habits that develop creativity and critical thinking skills and support young people in becoming creators, leaders, and decision makers: Develop Craft, Engage and Persist, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch and Explore.

STEAM Rises Podcast

STEAM Rises podcast cover art

STEAM Rises explores the intersection of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Hosted by Melina O'Grady and Melinda Barbosa, the podcast features interviews with guests from across the Cambridge community and beyond. The hosts let their curiosity guide the conversations, starting with questions about the guests' roles and motivations.

The podcast aims to inspire listeners to create change in their communities and lives by engaging in conversations, asking new questions, and reflecting on belonging and Habits of Mind. STEAM Rises is produced by the Cambridge STEAM Initiative.

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STEAM Habits of Mind in Action

How do we cultivate STEAM Habits of Mind? By incorporating them in our classrooms, curriculum, and programming.

In Spring 2021, the Cambridge STEAM Initiative launched a study to explore the development of these habits in classrooms and youth programs by interviewing teachers, program leaders, and innovators working with middle school and high school youth in Cambridge to examine and document current efforts in this work.

This study offers a way to amplify existing efforts to create STEAM-minded students who are prepared and ready to engage in our technology-focused society and be visionaries for the future.

Read the STEAM Habits of Mind Study Executive Summary (PDF).

View the STEAM Habits of Mind Study Presentation (PDF).

STEAM Habits of Mind

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