Having so many goods and services close to home is a big part of what makes Cambridge such a vibrant and livable community. It allows many citizens to live without a car and helps make the city one of the most walk- and bike-friendly places in the country.

Trucks deliver these goods to thousands of Cambridge businesses relied upon by residents. Trucks bring these products to stores within walking and biking distance of homes and offices. These businesses could not exist without truck deliveries.

That said, trucks can also bring noise, vibration, and annoyance to residential neighborhoods. The Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department is committed to mitigating the impact of trucks on neighborhoods. In this section you will learn about how trucks are regulated – both by the City and by the Commonwealth.  You can also see where and when trucks are restricted. 

Trucks are vital for a city with a strong economy, and TP&T is always looking for ways to have them coexist as peacefully as possible with the rest of city life.

2018 Urban Truck Forum