Owning a car is expensive; according to AAA, the cost of owning a medium-sized sedan is about $9,000.00 per year.  Luckily in Cambridge there are carsharing services that can help curb the expense of owning a vehicle, getting you wheels when you need them, and allowing you to avoid some of the headaches associated with owning your own car, such as:

There are multiple membership-based carsharing services that operate in the City of Cambridge that provide hourly, daily, or short-term vehicle rental.  These services provide residents, businesses, and visitors transportation options giving all the benefits of access and mobility without the daily costs of owning your own vehicle.

If you work in Cambridge, ask your employer if your company is a member of a carsharing service.

The following carsharing services operate in Cambridge:

Important Reminder:  When renting a car or using one of these carshare services, you are liable to comply with all regulations of the road and to park in accordance with the signed regulations, and pay for metered parking depending on the location you are parking.  If you happen to have a vehicle rented during a snow storm or snow emergency, you are liable to comply with all Snow Emergency Regulations.