Cambridge Taxi Discount Coupon Program

Taxi discount coupons, funded by the City of Cambridge, are offered free of charge to Cambridge seniors and residents with disabilities. 

Passengers must register in advance for the program by contacting CCPD if under the age of 60 and providing documentation of disability and proof of Cambridge residency or by contacting the Council on Aging (COA) if 60 or older. Coupons are issued in books of 10; each coupon is worth $2.50.  The passenger may use one coupon for fares under $7.00 and a maximum of two coupons for a $5.00 discount for one-way fares of $7.00 or more.  

The coupons are valid for use only with taxicabs that are licensed by the City of Cambridge.  For information on registration for the Coupon Program contact CCPD at 617-349-4692 or the COA at 617-349-6220