Hazmat Operations

hazmat suits, by Tara Bithia


The mission of the Cambridge Fire Department Hazardous Materials Task Force (HMTF) is to offer the highest possible level of protection to the citizens and visitors of Cambridge from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and/or explosives (CBRNE) incidents. Additionally the HMTF assists with atmosphere monitoring, sampling and testing of materials confiscated by Cambridge Police and standing details at large-scale events throughout the year.

Hazmat Operations falls under the administrative control of Special Operations Division. The day to day operation of HazMat Response is done by on-duty personnel.

The HazMat Task Force is comprised of the following companies:

  - Rescue 1

  - Engine 2

  - Engine 3

  - Engine 5 (Radiation Emergencies)

  - Ladder 3

  - Squad 2

  - Squad 4