Baby University

Baby U

Baby U is an innovative family support program that serves Cambridge families who have at least one child three years old or younger by providing parent education, playgroups, one-on-one visits, and beneficial community resources.

Baby U offers this series of 14 weeks of workshops on Saturday mornings.

The program provides opportunities for parents to connect with each other, learn more about a variety of relevant topics while also strengthening their relationships with their children. Fathers and mothers participate together and separately, sharing their thoughts in smaller groups and learning from each other when meeting as one group.

Parents who complete the program can join the Baby U Alumni Association. The association offers family fun events, workshops and discussion groups that provide an ongoing way to strengthen relationships and maintain supportive connections between staff and families.

Cambridge has a commitment to all of its families, to ensure they have the same level of opportunity to access resources and programs. Baby U helps us to achieve this goal. Check out our video below to hear what our families have to say about Baby U or Check out our YouTube Channel!