Large Development Projects

Large development projects seeking Planning Board special permits must have a certified Traffic Impact Study (TIS) if the proposed project meets the thresholds established in Article 19.20 of the City's zoning ordinance.

The TIS must be certified by the Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department (TP&T) for the project to apply to the Planning Board for a special permit.

  1. Request a scope from the TP&T. The request must include:
    • description of the project and use(s)
    • trip generation
    • mode split assumptions
    • trip distribution and assignment diagrams
    • intersections to be included in the study
  2. TP&T will approve or modify the scope.
  3. Proponent completes study as required by the TIS Guidelines and submits to TP&T for certification. TP&T will issue a certification to the applicant within twenty-one (21) days of the TIS submission that the traffic study has been done in a complete and reliable manner. Where the certification is denied, the applicant may revise the TIS and resubmit it; a certification of the revised study shall be issued or denied by TP&T within fourteen (14) days of the resubmission of materials.

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