Harvard Square MBTA Elevator Project/DeGuglielmo Plaza

Elevator construction and  plaza reconstruction.

This project has been completed. No further updates to this project page will be made.

The reconstruction of DeGuglielmo plaza is complete and the elevator is now open.

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This project is complete.


The MBTA's contractor, J.F. White will construct a new elevator connecting the Brattle Square Plaza to the Red Line Upper Bus Platform.  In order to accommodate the elevator, the existing stairs will be demolished and rebuilt in a new location.  The Brattle St. Plaza will be re-graded and re-paved to conform to ADA and MAAB requirements. 

Additional Plaza site work  includes new irrigation, granite planters, upgraded utilities, new brick and granite stairs and newly constructed crosswalks on Brattle Street.

Sidewalk and crosswalk areas will be temporarily adjusted as necessary to facilitate construction activities.  Lane restrictions will be set up on Brattle St next to the existing station stairs and along Brattle St towards Church St.  Brattle St towards Church St will be shut down for one week in June to allow for construction of a raised crosswalk.  A detour down Church St will be provided during this phase of work. 

While sidewalk and plaza work is disruptive, the contractor will work to provide safe access to all properties during construction, using temporary fencing and ramps, traffic cones, caution tape, and signage.

Cambridge Department of Public Works 147 Hampshire Street


Work hours are 7 AM to 4 PM


The MBTA thanks you for your patience and understanding during this necessary work.  Please contact Girard Allen, MBTA Resident Engineer, at 617-780-4625 with any questions or concerns.

You may also contact Kelly Dunn, DPW Community Relations Manager for additional questions or concerns at kdunn@cambridgema.gov .

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