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Cambridge is a city where people of diverse backgrounds and experience live and work side by side. Our residents come from many cultures, include many races, and speak many languages. We are committed to the idea that City government services should be provided by representatives of all our people. We are building a workforce that reflects that commitment.

How to Start

Cambridge residents are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Application instructions are listed with each position. 
  • Most applications involve submission of resume and cover letter, though some may have a different application requirement. 
  • The majority of City jobs are subject to civil service rules and procedures.
  • Labor Service jobs are filled through the Labor Service registration process. 
  • Official Service/Public Safety positions are filled on a permanent basis, primarily as the result of open competitive exams administered by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. 
  • There are a limited number of 40-hour, 9-week seasonal laborer assignments open to current Cambridge residents
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