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Apply for a Tree Removal Permit

Public Works

Pursuant to the Tree Protection Ordinance, Title 8, Chapter 8.66 of the Cambridge Municipal Code, a permit is required to remove a "significant tree" on private property. "Significant trees" have a diameter of 8 inches or more (measured 4 feet above ground). Permits will only be issued in the following circumstances:

  • The tree is dead or dangerous; 
  • An emergency exists relative to public health, safety or welfare; 
  • Removal of the tree is necessary to complete a significant utility infrastructure project;
  • Removing the tree may result in a healthier tree canopy;
  • The tree poses a significant risk to an adjacent existing structure.

In each of these cases, a completed Permit Application Form and all associated documentation must be submitted to be considered for a permit. In the event a tree had to be removed due to an emergency situation prior to receiving a permit, an application must be submitted retroactively. 

For complete permit requirements, please visit the online permitting system.

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