Hayes Street Reconstruction


This project has been completed. No further updates to this project page will be made.

August 2015

The contractor anticipates mobilizing back to Hayes Street this month to begin reconstructing the sidewalks. Notification will be sent to all Hayes Street residents prior to mobilization.


The City of Cambridge has a 5 Year Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction Plan. The conditions of all roadways and sidewalks are evaluated on an annual basis to address the surface conditions. Hayes Street has been identified as two streets that have poor surface conditions and are in need of new surfaces. Before the contractor breaks ground, we will complete an evaluation of utility lines (water and sewer) to ensure that no updates are needed. At this same time, we will allow Eversource Gas to conduct their own evaluation to decide on whether or not any services or gas mains need to be updated. If any utility work is required, it will be performed before the sidewalks and roadway are reconstructed.

Information and Assistance

For any questions please contact Brian McLane, project manager, at 617.349.4824.

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