Keep Pet Waste Out of Our Waterways and take the Canines for Clean Water Pledge

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Stormwater—water that flows overland from rainfall or snow melt—is a significant source of water pollution today. During rainstorms, stormwater runoff picks up pollutants in its path, such as dog waste left on the ground, and carries it into our catch basins and storm drains, which run - untreated - into the Charles River and the Alewife Brook.

Pet waste has bacteria that is harmful to our water and makes our ponds and rivers unsafe for swimming and other recreational activities.

You can help protect our water by making sure to:

• Always clean up after your dog, even in your own yard, and encourage others to clean up after their pets.
• Always carry extra pet waste bags on your walks.
• Dispose of waste into your own trash bin, toilet, or public trash bin, never in a catch basin.
• Keep dogs on-leash in wetlands and other sensitive areas.

To receive a free pet waste bag dispenser (while supplies last) and join a responsible community of dog owners in Cambridge, come into the Cambridge Animal Commission office at 344 Broadway, 1st floor to sign the Canines for Clean Water Pledge.

Link to Keep Pet Waste Out of Our Waterways (PDF)

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