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Clean Fleet Initiative

plug in hybrid rubbish packers

On February 21, 2023, the City issued a citywide Clean Fleet Policy to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. The policy contains greenhouse gas emission targets, acquisition guidelines and a plan for the installation of charging stations and electrical infrastructure. While working to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, the policy also ensures that vehicles will be able to perform the necessary functions such as 24/7 snow operations, have repair shop capability in the Boston region and have charging infrastructure available.

View the full Clean Fleet Policy here

The 2023 Clean Fleet Annual Report is now available for review here.

Guiding Principles of Clean Fleet Policy

Support transition to fossil-fuel-free and net zero emissions in municipal operations:

  • Contribute to reducing climate change
  • Reduce air pollutants that contribute to asthma, respiratory disease, and other negative health impacts, particularly in children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations.
  • Pathway with specific targets to get to Net Zero emissions from City Fleet 


GHG Reduction Targets

2008: Baseline
2025: 25% reduction
2030: 55%
2040: 75%
2050: 100%

Vehicle Category Ownership Targets

  • 75% zero emission Light Duty vehicles by June 30, 2030, with a Stretch target of 100%
  • 100% zero emission Marked Police Cruisers by June 30, 2035
  • 100% zero emission Solid Waste Collection vehicles by June 30, 2035

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Targets:

30 in 2025
90 in 2030
150 in 2040
180 in 2050


Clean Fleet Committee

Clean Fleet Committee:
  • John Nardone (Deputy Commissioner, DPW)
  • Charlie Creagh (Transportation Planner, CDD)
  • John Cotter (Assistant Chief, Fire)
  • Peter Vellucci (Deputy Superintendent, Police)
  • John Keeter (Fleet Manager, DPW)
  • Irina Sidorenko (Project Manager, DPW)

By September 30th of each year, the Committee will prepare an annual report documenting its work for the previous year to include:

  • Actions in implementing the Policy
  • Progress achieving Policy targets
  • List of ZEVs purchased and available on the market
  • Recommended changes to the Policy
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