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Mass Ave Partial Construction

Project Image

The MassAve4 Mass Ave Partial Construction Project was initiated in response to the City’s Cycling Safety Ordinance and the goals include:

  • Improve safety for people biking in the project area

  • Improve safety for people walking at existing crosswalks

  • Improve safety for transit riders with enhanced markings and signage at bus stops

  • Improve travel times and reliability of MBTA buses

  • Maintaining loading and short-term parking access to support local businesses

  • Implement changes in line with the Cambridge Bicycle Plan and Vision Zero Action Plan

  • Meet the requirements of the Cambridge Cycling Safety Ordinance, which includes the requirement to add separated bike lanes

In the Cycling Safety Ordinance, four segments of Mass Ave that have complicating factors were identified as the “MassAve4”

  • Segment A - Massachusetts Ave Dudley Street to Beech Street

  • Segment B - Massachusetts Ave Roseland Street to Waterhouse Street

  • Segment C - Harvard Square Bus Stop Garden Street to Church Street

  • Segment D - Harvard Square Bus Stop Dunster Street to Plympton Street 

Why Install Separated Bike Lanes?

Separated bike lanes provide more space and vertical separation between people on bikes and people in cars. More people are comfortable biking in separated bike lanes than in traditional bike lanes or in traffic with cars, buses, and trucks. Separated bike lanes also increase safety for people walking by reducing crossing distances.

MassAve4 Impacts Analysis and Construction Feasibility Evaluation

In April 2021, the City completed MassAve4 Impacts Analysis which recommended a construction feasibility evaluation. This evaluation, which included a community engagement process, was completed between fall 2021 and spring 2022. The project team evaluated quick-build, partial construction and full construction options were each segment. The findings and recommendations were summarized in a report for the City Council.

Recommendation to the City Council

In April 2022, the City Council approved the recommendation that MassAve4 Segments A and B undergo partial construction.