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Have you read this year's edition of the Getting Around Cambridge magazine? The annual publication features articles about commuter health benefits, the City's separated bike lanes, and the Vision Zero initiative. It also includes interviews with Miles Taylor, a former Cambridge Rindge and Latin School student, Glocal Challenge winner and transit advocate; Jeanne Cronin, a senior cycling advocate in the community;  and recent CRLS graduates Aleahna Lartey and Ava Austin-Spooner, who spoke with their classmates about commuting to school.  

And this year, we get bonus content! Because 2020 was not able to be distributed, you'll get articles from this year and last to get you through the fall and winter until we can mail you a new one next year.

While most years this magazine is mailed to your home, 2020 & 2021 are electronic only.

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Healthy Aging and Cycling in Cambridge

The Healthy Aging and Cycling program was designed to address barriers to cycling for older adults, which were identified through a survey of older adults in Cambridge. The three barriers identified included: fear of motor vehicle traffic, concerns about physical ability to ride a bicycle, and not owning a bicycle. This program intends to address these barriers by providing spin and strength classes, a refresher on the urban cycling basics, and training on renting Bluebikes, our publicly-owned bike share, for individuals who do not own a bike.

In 2020, the Community Development Department (CDD), in partnership with the Council on Aging, launched a new initiative to provide support to overcome these barriers. The goal of the program is to make bicycling more accessible to older adults – for transportation as well as recreation. While many bicycling programs intended for older adults offer one-off workshops and clinics, the Healthy Aging and Cycling program is intended to provide consistent and sustained support around bicycling, acknowledging that it may take time and consistency to work up to riding a bicycle again.

As a publicly-owned transportation system, Bluebikes may present an attractive and affordable transportation option (an annual membership is only $99, with income-eligible pricing also available), especially for individuals who do not have convenient bicycle storage. Due to their weight, however, Bluebikes are sometimes not an accessible option for older adults trying to return to bicycling. An added benefit of the exercise and fitness training is that it may help to equip older adults with the strength and balance needed to comfortably manage riding bike share bicycles.

Read the full article here.


Door2Door by SCM & Shopping by Bicycle

SCM vans and staff have been supporting seniors and individuals with disabilities with transportation to medical appointments, food shopping, to attend meal programs at the Council on Aging, and to Adult Day Health programs for over thirty five years, when the agency was founded by the cities of Somerville, Cambridge and Medford (SCM).

Read the full article here.

City of Cambridge Expands Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Programs

The City of Cambridge Community Development Department expanded bicycle education and mobility programming through virtual workshops, videos, online meetups, and contests this past year.

Read the full article here.

Hop on Bluebikes to get you where you need to go

Bluebikes is Metro Boston's publicly-owned bike share system, located in the municipalities of Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Newton, Revere, Somerville, and Watertown. As a public transportation system, Bluebikes is owned by the municipalities in which the stations live – it is your system! In 2021, Bluebikes will have more than 400 bike share stations, with 70+ in Cambridge. We have already seen record-breaking days and are excited to see how many people will ride this season!

Read the full article here!

The Inside Scoop - Advice from Dogs on Walking in Central Square

Dogs in Cambridge know quite a bit about walking routes in our city, so we asked them their favorite ways to get around Central Square. Read on and see if you agree with their recommendations!

Read the full article here.

Elementary School Students do a Street Audit in The Port

Walking to school every day makes many Cambridge students experts on the city’s sidewalks, streets, and intersections.

Read the full article here.

New and Interesting Transportation Projects

Learn about the Huron Ave/Glacken Field Connectivity Project, the Watertown-Cambridge Greenway, and the new Streets & Sidewalks 5-Year Plan.

Read the full article here.

Find Your Way with Cambridge GIS: by the Cambridge Arts Council and Cambridge GIS Department

Explore your city with these Cambridge Geographic Information System (GIS) maps! Each map is mobile-friendly and provides a great way to see a new slice of Cambridge. From public art to historic landmarks to community gardens, GIS maps are designed to help keep you connected to your community.

Read the full article here.

CRLS Juniors (at the time!) Aleahna and Ava wrote this great article about how their friends got to school in winter of 2020.

When it comes to how we get to school, we always walk. We live within walking distance and we truly like walking. Because of this, and our interest in environmental sustainability, we became curious about our friends’ transportation methods, and the reasons why they choose to get around town the way they do.

Read the full article here. 

Two-Way Bicycle Facilities

Learning to navigate the many one-way streets of Cambridge is an acquired skill for those who bike in the city. However, sometimes this means taking a circuitous route to your destination or using less comfortable streets. To make cycling safer and easier, the City looks for opportunities to install facilities that turn one-way streets into two-way routes for bikes.

Read the full article here.
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