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Mayor's Office

Photo of the Sullivan Chamber in City Hall

The mayor serves as the Chairperson for both the City Council and the School Committee. As the official leader of the City, the Mayor fulfills political, ceremonial, and community leadership functions on behalf of the City and serves as the City's official receiver for visiting dignitaries and distinguished visitors. The Mayor's Office serves as a conduit for members of the public seeking information or seeking to address concerns regarding City government and municipal services. The Office of the Mayor has a broad range of duties and responsibilities. These include the implementation of diverse citywide public events and celebrations throughout the year, conducting public policy research, drafting legislation, and serving as the City liaison between federal and state agencies, as well as community groups and citizens.

Tips and FAQs

Tips on Raising Healthy Children in Cambridge

What do I need to know about waste collection in Cambridge?

The City’s "Get Rid of it Right" tool and Zero Waste Cambridge app (iOS |Android ) allow you to find your waste collection and street sweeping schedule, search for how to dispose of items, or play a waste sorting game.

Overview of City Waste Services:

Weekly curbside collection

Schedule a curbside collection

Drop-off locations/ events

Useful Links:

To request recycling carts, compost supplies, flyers and other items visit CambridgeMA.Gov/RecycleSupplies.
To subscribe to DPW’s Recycling monthly Newsletter click here.
To contact the Recycling Division click here.

How can low-income individuals or families access legal services?

The following organizations based in Cambridge offer civil (non-criminal) legal aid to low income individuals and families: 

Cambridge/Somerville Legal Services
60 Gore St., Ste. 203, Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 603-2700 

Community Legal Services and Counseling Center
One West Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 661-1010 

Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
23 Everett St., 1st floor, Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-4408

How do I pay for a parking ticket or dispute a parking ticket?

A Parking ticket must be paid within 21 days of receiving it to avoid any additional fees.  If you feel that the ticket was received in error, you may dispute the ticket.

Options for paying a parking ticket:

  • Pay by Web:
  • Pay by Phone: 617 491-7277
  • Pay by Mail: P. O. Box 399113, Cambridge, MA 02139
  • Pay in Person: 
        344 Broadway
         Monday 8:30am - 8:00pm 
         Tuesday - Thursday,  8:30am - 5:00pm
         Friday 8:30am - Noon

Forms of Payment Accepted

MC/Visa accepted.
Cash, credit card or money order accepted for booted vehicles.
Cash, credit card or money order accepted for immediate clearance at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. If you pay by check, there is a 30 day waiting period before clearance.

Disputing a parking ticket:

Fill out the Parking Ticket Dispute form and submit either online, by mail or in person. You will need the ticket number and plate number when filling out the form. Completed forms can be mailed or delivered to:

Traffic, Parking & Transportation
City of Cambridge
344 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
Attn: Hearing Officer

You will receive a communication regarding the disposition of the dispute.  If you feel the decision is not correct you may request a hearing.


How do I get a parking permit or a visitors parking permit?

Resident’s car

A resident parking permit is required to park on most residential streets in Cambridge Monday through Saturday. The resident parking permit program was created to ease parking problems in residential areas by making it illegal for non-resident commuters to park on residential streets.


Each residential household can obtain one visitor parking permit good in the area in which they live whether or not that household has a car.  If you own multiple Cambridge properties, you must declare one as your primary residence.  Only one visitor permit will be issued in your name.


If you are having an event with multiple visitors you can submit a request for consideration to prevent your visitors from receiving a ticket.

Eligibility requirements

To purchase a resident parking permit you must:

1. Submit  proof of residency as a Cambridge resident.

2. Have your car registered in your name at your Cambridge address

3. Principally garaged at your Cambridge address.

4. Pay all outstanding parking tickets and excise tax.


To purchase a visitor parking permit you must:

1. Submit proof of residency as a Cambridge resident.


Company Vehicle

To purchase a resident parking permit you must:

1. Submit a letter on company letter head stating that the vehicle is in your custody

2. Vehicle must be registered in MA and principally garaged in Cambridge through RMV.

3. Pay all outstanding parking tickets and excise tax.


You may apply for a resident and/or visitor parking permit by mail or by going to the Office of Traffic and Parking located at 344 Broadway -

Monday, 8:30am to 8:00pm, Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30am - 5:00pm, Friday, 8:30am - Noon.

For more information visit the Traffic and Parking Webpage

How do I report an unshoveled or icy sidewalk?

You can use this direct link to report a specific address or intersection that has not been shoveled or cleared of ice after a storm. You may also contact the Department of Public Works Snow Hotline at (617) 349-4903. Once this request is submitted the address will be inspected and if the property owner is found to be in violation of the ordinance they will be ticketed and fined.

What are the City's parking procedures during a snow storm?

In the event of a snow storm, remember these general on-street parking guidelines:

  • Always park at least 20 feet from the street corner. Parking this far away from the corner improves visibility and safety year-round and ensures compliance with Cambridge Traffic Regulations. In the winter, it also allows plows to push snow away from crosswalks.
  • Think safety! Please do your part and dig out fire hydrants and street drains while digging out your car.
  • When digging out your car, think about how you pile snow; don't create new problems in the street or on sidewalks.
  • Please don't take it personally if Public Works plows accidentally push snow back into your driveway or parked car. It’s sometimes unavoidable in order to keep streets as passable as possible during all stages of the storm.

    During substantial storms, the City may declare a Snow Emergency Parking Ban which prohibits parking on streets signed “No Parking during Snow Emergency.”  When a snow emergency is declared, information is available on the City’s Snow Center website and on 22-CityView. Information can also be found by calling 617-349-4700 (Traffic Department during regular hours or recorded snow information line after hours) To receive notifications about snow emergencies via e-mail, text message, and/or phone call (for any landline or cell phone in the city or elsewhere), sign up for Code Red through the Cambridge Alert Network. Every effort is made to give residents as much advance notice as possible of an impending snow emergency.

Do Property Owners need to clear sidewalks of snow?

Ice needs to be removed within 6 hours from the time it forms, per City Ordinance. Snow needs to be removed within 12 hours after snow stops falling during the day and before 1pm if it snowed during the night, per City Ordinance.

Public Works and the Traffic Department work together to enforce this Ordinance. Parking Control Officers in the Traffic Department conduct enforcement on priority pedestrian routes throughout the winter, and Public Works Compliance Officers investigate all complaints received of uncleared sidewalks.

The fine for failing to comply with the City’s sidewalk clearance ordinances is $50/day for each day of non-compliance. Even if you aren’t around, it is your responsibility to ensure someone clears sidewalks and ramps next to your property.

We all have a shared responsibility for keeping our community safe and accessible during winter weather. For you, your neighbors, people with strollers or using wheelchairs, and the many people in Cambridge who walk, please do your part.

My trash and/or recycling was not picked up, what do I do?

If your curbside collection was missed, please submit a report at CambridgeMA.gov/311 after 4 p.m. on your collection day. Typically, collection trucks go back for missed pickups after completing the current day’s route. Please leave the missed items at the curb to ensure collection. Learn more at Cambridgema.gov/curbsidecollections.


How often does the city sweep the streets?

Public Works mechanically sweeps each street in Cambridge once per month, April through December (weather permitting). Signs are posted on each residential street indicating the schedule. In order to ensure that streets are properly cleaned, cars must move off the side of the street being swept to avoid being ticketed and towed.

Citywide street sweeping includes twice yearly vacuum sweeping to improve stormwater quality

In addition to neighborhood sweeping, City squares are cleaned daily: on weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm, weekends and holidays from 4 am to 8 am (street sweeping) and 6 am to 10 am (hand-cleaning crew).  Litter barrels in squares are emptied twice daily on weekdays and three times daily on weekends.

The Division also has a power washer which is used to clean public trash and recycling receptacles, and to operate a graffiti removal program on both public and private property (with owner's permission). 

How do I apply for Public Housing or get in touch with Cambridge Housing Authority?

For more information about applying for Public Housing, contact the Cambridge Housing Authority:

Cambridge Housing Authority
362 Green Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.864.3020

Fax: 617.868.5372

TDD: 800.545.1833 x112

Please note, the CHA's waiting lists are currently CLOSED due to ongoing renovation across all CHA properties. Only emergency applications are currently being considered.

To learn about the City's Inclusionary Housing, how to apply, and for information about other affordable housing options in the City, please visit the City's Community Development Department page at www.cambridgema.gov/CDD/housing


To report a sighting of rodents you can call the rodent hotline (617) 349-4899 or email rodents@cambridgema.gov

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