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The Purchasing Office is responsible for implementation and administration of the City’s centralized procurement processes, ensuring that all purchases of goods and services are made in accordance with State law and City Ordinance and are open, fair, competitive, and obtained at the lowest possible cost. The Purchasing Office promotes the use of Commonwealth of Massachusetts contracts when appropriate and encourages participation of and outreach to minority, local and women-owned businesses.

Tips and FAQs

How to I know if my vendor registry was accepted?

All entries are accepted and added to our vendor list. You will not receive a confirmation of this, because it is an automated system.

How do I submit Certified Payroll reports?

Certified payroll reports can be submitted via email to certifiedpayrolls@cambridgema.gov, or mailed weekly to the attention of the Purchasing Department located at Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge Ma. 02139

Two forms are required to be submitted with weekly payroll reports:

Learn more about submitting Certified Payroll Reports

When can I fill out a snow plowing application for the City?

Applications usually become available in early November.

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