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About Community Gardens

There are 14 active community gardens located throughout the City, serving as areas of beautification, vegetable production, and meeting places. The gardens are divided into plots and shared by groups of residents. The Cambridge Conservation Commission encourages the formation and continuance of community gardens. Residents interested in participating in the community gardens program should review the city garden policy and submit an application.  

Additional Information

All applications will be processed in the order they are received and added to the appropriate waitlist.  Applicants will only be contacted when a plot becomes available for their use. Please be aware that the wait may be in excess of 2 years. 

These are the City’s 14 current Community Gardens (see map):

  • William G. Maher Community Garden
  • Fresh Pond Reservation/Parkway Garden
  • McMath Park Community Garden
  • Corocoran Park Community Garden
  • Sacramento Street Community Garden
  • Field of Dreams Garden
  • Green Street Neighborhood Garden
  • Peggy Hayes Memorial Garden
  • Emily Garden
  • Squirrel Brand Community Garden
  • Moore Street Community Garden
  • Costa Lopez Taylor Park Community Garden
  • Riverside Press Park Community Garden
  • Hurley Street Community Garden
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