Consumer Rights

  • Consumer have rights under the Consumer Protection Law (93A).  If a consumer believes a business has violated their rights and engaged in some sort of unfair or deceptive practice and after attempting to resolve the complaint with the merchant informally, he/she may decide to take legal action. For more information view the 93A Consumer Protection Act
  • If you are unable to resolve a consumer complaint informally, you can file an action in Small Claims Court. This is an informal and inexpensive way to settle disputes when the complaint is $7000.00 or less. For more information view: Small Claims Court
  • In order to file a lawsuit under the Consumer Protection Act (93A), the first step is to send a “30 day demand letter”. For more information view the Demand Letter
  • Before hiring a Home Improvement Contractor you can find information on hiring a contractor, regulations, licensing information and more. For details view Home Improvement Contractor Information
  • Know your rights when you purchase  a used car or lease a vehicle. The  Lemon Laws will provide information on what remedies are available.
  • Lemon Aid Law
  • Used Car Lemon Law
  • New and Leased Car Lemon Law
  • Used Car Dealers Guide
  • When Hiring a moving service you have rights and responsibilities. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations protect consumers of interstate moves and define the rights and responsibilities of consumers (shippers) and household goods carriers (movers).  Read the information booklet
  • When you get  Robocalls there are some actions you can take. View this document the FCC has published Unwanted-Calls-Fact-Sheet.
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