Proclamations Request

Proclamation Request

Mayor McGovern issues proclamations to recognize Cambridge residents who have made extraordinary contributions to their community, to individuals and organizations in honor of special occasions, and to educate the public on events related to history, culture, or public safety. 

  • Proclamations are printed on official letterhead and presented in a certificate folder. Please keep in mind, they are ceremonial and not a legal document.
  • The Mayor's staff may edit the draft language of a proclamation.
  • If the event occurs annually, you will need to apply for a proclamation each year. Mayor McGovern does not renew proclamations.
  • The Mayor and his staff have the right to deny your request. 
  • Please allow two weeks notice on all dated events when requesting a proclamation.
The date of the event
(if it is a birthday, anniversary, commemoration, etc.)
Biographical or background information about the person or event being recognized
Date you need resolution by
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