Connecting with Communities of Faith

Peace Walk from Cambridge City Hall to the Cambridge mosque after the Boston Marathon Bombing, May 2, 2013

Because communities of faith and faith-based organizations are an integral part of our communal lives, the Peace Commission works with congregations and faith communities in Cambridge on issues of peace, social justice and community building, providing a bridge to city government and creating greater understanding and connections among them.

In this role, the Peace Commission has been a partner with the Cambridge Police Department and local clergy in developing, establishing, and maintaining the first Police Chaplaincy Program in Massachusetts. This program serves victims, members of the community, and first responders who have been exposed to traumatic events. Since the program’s launch in 2013, police chaplains have been volunteering their time to undergo training, report to crime scenes and significant events, offer services to officers, victims, and members of the community, and provide general guidance and advice to the police department. 

Both the Peace Commission and the Cambridge Police Department recognize the importance, influence, and impact that faith-based leaders have on our community’s spiritual health. With this understanding, the Cambridge Police Chaplaincy Program is designed to formalize a collaborative relationship between the religious community within our city and the police department.

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