Meet Your Neighbor Day

Meet Your Neighbor Day

Sunday, September 16, 2018

If you'd like to let us know about and post your event, fill out the Meet Your Neighbor Event Submission form (a Google Doc)

Recognizing the power of grassroots, locally-based connections, Meet Your Neighbor Day is an invitation for you to plan something that can bring together your neighbors — in a way that works for you! Convened by the Cambridge Peace Commission and cosponsored by the Citizen’s Committee on Civic Unity, Meet Your Neighbor Day is a Cambridge-specific approach to building connections and community in our amazing city – built on two national initiatives – and adapted to fit the needs of our city!

What is Planned for 2018?

The events on this map were submitted by different people and groups in the community, and are posted here to make it easier for people to find out what is happening. Click on an item to see the details, or click on the box in the upper-right corner of the map below to open the map in a new window and see a list of the events. (They are not organized by the Peace Commission or the City of Cambridge.)

We will update the map with 2018 events a week or so before the event.

What Can You Do?

An open house, neighborhood party, potluck, service project, neighborhood clean-up, or something else – whatever is fun and easy for you and your neighbors to plan and carry out. You can decide what works best in your own "neighborhood!"

Resources That Can Help You Plan!

There's also a long list of ideas and options on our Meet Your Neighbor Day fact sheet! 

How Is a “Neighborhood” Defined?
However you choose to define it!

• Your street, your block, or surrounding blocks
• Your apartment or condominium
• Your floor at your apartment building
• The area surrounding a nearby school or place of worship
• Houses along your part of the street
• Your local park
• Your local square or business district

Why Is There a "Meet Your Neighbor Day?"

Inspired by the growing need to connect with each other, we have borrowed from two national initiatives, and adapted them to fit the needs of our city. Meet Your Neighbor Day is built on the foundation of two nationwide efforts — Welcoming America’s “Welcoming Week” and the “National Neighborhood Day” initiative — and organized in collaboration with another City of Cambridge partner — the Citizens’ Committee on Civic Unity.

  • National Neighborhood Day inspires, builds, and sustains the neighborhood relationships that provide the foundation for civic action and the building of stronger, more caring and effective communities.
  • Welcoming Week brings communities together long-time residents, newcomers, and everyone in between in a spirit of unity to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone – including new Americans.
Thanks to the Redwood City, California Public Library for lending their logo to us.
  • If you have questions or you'd like to let us know about your event, email us at
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