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The Cambridge Department of Public Works is asking for your help to support our City's street trees and help us maintain a healthy, vibrant urban forest. Our Adopt-A-Tree program lets you search for a street tree near an address (your home, business, school, etc.) and commit to keeping it healthy by watering it and tending to the tree well.

How to Start

  • Visit our interactive Adopt-A-Tree map
  • Enter your address (street name first, followed by address number) to zoom the map to your location and view adoptable trees
  • Choose a tree by clicking on it, then fill out the Adopt-a-Tree form


  • Must be a Cambridge resident or business.
  • Agree to water the tree and tend to the tree well.

Interactive Adopt-A-Tree Map

For those trying to access this map on an iPhone, remember to turn off your Pop-up blocker. Go to Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups and make sure to disable that option.

Having issues with the map? Contact Kate Riley at Public Works - / 617-349-4825.

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