Chapter 115 Veterans' Benefits

Veterans Services

Veterans and dependents whose income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, and whose assets do not exceed $5,000 if single or $9,800 if married, may be eligible for Chapter 115 benefits.

If a veteran or dependent qualifies, the veterans' agent will provide a monthly cash benefit to help defray the costs of housing, food, and clothing.

In order to apply for these benefits the following documentation must be provided to the Veterans' Department:

  • Military Discharge (DD214)
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Veteran's Death Certificate (is widow is apply for benefits)
  • Birth Certificate for children under 19 years old
  • Rent receipt signed by landlord, or current lease
  • 3 Months of bank statements
  • Document all monthly income (Social Security Award Letter, VA Award Letter, 4 weeks of pay stubs)
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