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Hackney Rules and Regulations:

Flat Rate Guide Book

Cambridge Taxi Companies 

  • Checker Cab: (617) 497-9000 
  • Star Taxi: (617) 876-8888 
  • UTS: (617) 661-2500
There are also a number of individually owned taxi cabs that are licensed by the City of Cambridge.

Additional Documents:

Notice Regarding Taxi Coupons
Cambridge Taxicab Rules and Regulations
Credit Card Policy, March 2015
Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions
Cambridge Taxicab Rates - Effective as of March 10, 2015

Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Program

The City of Cambridge’s Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Program (“ACT Program”) is managed by Cambridge Transportation Service, the company that runs Checker Cab of Cambridge. 

The Cambridge taxicab fleet maintains eight accessible taxicabs owned and operated by various taxicab companies including Ambassador Brattle Cab, Checker Cab, Classic Cab and individual owners. These taxicabs—some vans, some minivans—serve the general public 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, priority service is given to elderly and disabled passengers. Cambridge accessible taxicabs operate as any other Cambridge taxi: they may be flagged down on the street, boarded at a taxi stand, or contacted by telephone.  For an accessible Cambridge taxicab, call:

Accessible Cambridge Taxi Program at 1-866-654-1003

Hackney Complaints

For Information, assistance, or to file a complaint – by fax, mail or email — contact: 
License Commission, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
Telephone: 617.349.6146
TTY: 617.349.6112
Fax: 617.349.6148
Email: hackney@cambridgema.gov

You may also submit a complaint via Commonwealth Connect.

Medallion Owner's Information 

Accessible Taxicab Inspection Checklist 

Directive Regarding Processing and Administrative Fees for Elderly/Disability Discount Coupons 

Frequently Asked Questions: Taxicabs and Service Animals in Cambridge 

Policy Directive Regarding the Use of Window Tint in Cambridge Taxicabs

Dispatch Association Permit Information 

Guidance Memorandum for Cambridge Dispatch Associations regarding Dispatch Rules and Regulations


Tips and FAQs

How do I obtain a license to drive a taxicab in Cambridge?

• An applicant for a Cambridge taxicab driver’s license must be at least 18 years of age and a licensed Massachusetts driver for at least one year.

• The applicant must bring their Massachusetts Driver’s license to the License Commission Office, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, first floor, any time on Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday night from 5:00 to 7:30 pm or Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 am;

• At that time, the applicant will pay a $10 fee (cash/check or money order) and authorize the License Commission Hackney Officer to obtain driving record and criminal record (CORI).

• Applicant will also pay $100 (money order only). We will register you to attend the next available hackney driver's school, which is held once monthly, for a period of five nights during the same week. On the last evening of the class, the applicant will take the written Hackney Driver’s exam. If the applicant passes both parts of the exam, and the criminal and driving record are satisfactory, according to our hackney rules and regulations, a 60 day Temporary Hackney License will be granted upon the payment of $10 and the securing of employment. The new driver will also be given the 60 day Temporary Hackney License Training List which needs to be completed and returned within the 60 day period.

• Within 60 days of beginning work under the Temporary Hackney license, the driver will return the 60 Day Temporary Hackney License Training List to the License Commission. The Hackney Officer will review it and contact the driver. If there are no problems, the driver will be issued a one year license for $32.00.

How do I file a taxicab driver/hackney complaint?

You can file a complaint against a driver of a Cambridge licensed taxicab with our office. Contact our Hackney Police Officer at 617 349-6146 for a complaint form or download the online form in the documents section of this website and mail/return to Cambridge Licence Commission. It should be noted here that all Cambridge Taxicabs are required to have the Taxicab License Number (Medallion) in the following locations: inside the cab on the right rear passenger's window, on the rate cards that are attached to either the partition or the dashboard; the license number is also found on the on the rear of the outside of the cab, on the Medallion plate, and on both rear quarter panels. That number, in addition to the date and the time the incident occurred, is extremely important in expediting an investigation.


What are the Taxi fares?

How do I renew my license to drive a taxicab in Cambridge? What is the fee?

The licensed Hackney driver must report to the License Commission with current Hackney and Massachusetts Driver's License and file a request for both criminal and driving records. At this time, the licensee pays the $10.00 fee. This request takes approximately three to five weeks to process. If the criminal and driving record checks are deemed satisfactory, a one year ($32.00) license can be issued.

Is there a renewal grace period for Hackney Driver's License?

Yes. A Hackney Driver has up to three months from the date of expiration to renew their license. However, if the driver fails to renew the hackney license on time, the licensee cannot operate a taxicab until the license is renewed. If the license is not renewed within the three month period, the licensee must retake and pass the hackney driver's test before the license can be renewed. In cases where it has been more than a year, the applicant has to attend Hackney school.

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