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VA Disability Compensation

Veterans Services

For veterans who were injured on active duty or during a drill period. The injury, condition, effects or scarring must continue to exist and be a problem. Pre-existing conditions (those which existed before the veteran began active duty) may be claimed if the veteran can show that the condition was worsened by active duty or by drill periods. If a service-connected rating has been previously granted and the condition has worsened, the veteran may file for an increase.

Compensation claims are filed through the nearest VA Regional Office. The VA may deny the claim or may find in the veteran’s favor at a level of 0% to 100%. Note: A 0% finding is not a denial. It is an acknowledgement that the injury is service-connected but not serious enough to warrant a monthly payment.

To complete and application the following documentation is needed:

  • Military Discharge (DD214)
  • Marriage Certificate (If Married)
  • Birth Certificate (Children under 19)
  • All private medical documentation for conditions being claimed.
  • Direct deposit information 
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