Mermaid Promenade

Blue and purple fish puppets are held on sticks above the heads of a crowd walking outside.

Community Line Up Location: The Youth & Family Stage near the intersection of Massachusetts Ave. & Essex St.
Community Line Up Time: 3:45pm
Parade Begins: 4:00pm
Please join us for a participatory community spectacle featuring mermaids, mermen, and many more water creatures and features! The Mermaid Promenade will kick off at the Youth & Family Stage at 4pm and march through the River Festival site, culminating at the Climate Action Extravaganza in University Park Commons. Those interested in marching in the parade should plan to line up in costume and/or with props at the Youth & Family Stage at 3:45pm. Please make your costume family friendly and think twice about using glitter as glitter is harmful to the environment. Otherwise, find a spot anywhere on the festival grounds and enjoy as a parade of professional artists and community members alike bring the River to the Festival! 

Participating Artists

A large group of black men in bright purple shirts pose in front of the camera. Their logo stating "Rara Bel Poze" is above their heads.

Rara Bel Poze
Rara Bel Poze is a traditional Haitian street band that plays a mixture of Haitian traditional music, gospel music, and also American music with acoustic instruments along with custom Haitian horns. Rara Bel Poze believes in promoting love, peace, and unity through the beat of its music.

Large blue puppet of a face with hands extended forward on the left hand side of the photo. The sun shines directly into the camera from the center right of the photo.

The Puppeteers’ Cooperative
The Puppeteers' Cooperative is a group of artists and puppeteers working in cities around the nation to create giant puppet parades, pageants, and ceremonies of celebration and complaint, using simple materials and movements to build community cardboard extravaganzas.

A merman with a large blue tale and a striking blue face mask lounges and stares directly into the camera.

Behind the Mask Studio
Behind the Mask Studio will help lead the Mermaid Promenade with three of their original masked and costume characters: a Mermaid, Water Spirit, and Neptune.

Large blue heron puppet walks down the street. The head and the neck of the puppet appear to be made from sturdy material and the rest of the puppet clothes out as cloth around the person inside.

The Cambridge Wildlife Puppetry Project
The Cambridge Wildlife Puppetry Project will march with local species of aquatic animals in the form of giant puppets, including a great blue heron, a giant plaster snapping turtle, a cardboard Alewife fish puppet, and a “Cambridge Wildlife” banner carried by two people dressed in frog masks.

Three women in blue and green flowing costumes hold three large fish puppets on sticks above them. One fish is green, one is blue, and one is orange.

The Swishy Fishies
created by Honey Goodenough, Puppet Showplace Theater
Giant bubble-blowing goldfish take to the streets with their friendly mer-folk in an inspiring outdoor puppet spectacle.

A drag queen mermaid with red hair holds a crystal box that emanates light.

Moonrise Fae
Moonrise Fae is a troupe of magical creatures, storytellers, flow artists, musicians, dancers, and creators who light a magic spark of fun and whimsy for both private and public spaces in Salem, Boston, and throughout New England. The Fae use their unique talents to engage audiences of all ages and inspire them to access the magic inside of us all. They tell stories, sing songs, dance dances, create art, and teach anybody willing to learn how to do it, too. You can often find them leading faerie camps for children and adults, dancing or spinning fire for performances, or blowing bubbles and spinning LED magic on parade routes.

Four characters in painted body suits pose on a grassy lawn. There is a character in white with black designs, red with blue designs, green with yellow designs, and blue with white designs.

Fine Art Superheroes
The Fine Art Superheroes are wearable-art characters created by visual artist Basil El Halwagy. El Halwagy creates costumes using unitards, acrylic paints, foam, and other materials, and then dancers will become Fine Art Superheroes to help lead the Mermaid Promenade.

Six female hula hoop dancers pose with their hoops. They all wear funky red and black costumes.

Boston Hoop Troop
Boston Hoop Troop presents a spectacle of multiple hula hooper performers dressed in over the top mermaid, fish, octopus, and sea creature beauty parading and performing down the street.

A large metal fish on bicycle wheels travels down a city street.

Sculptor William Turville’s brings his art bike to swim in the Mermaid Promenade.

A drag king with painted-on golden eyebrows, mustache, and soul patch poses very close to the camera. He also wears large sunglasses and a velvet jacket.

Loo D'flyest Priestly
Loo D'flyest Priestly is a drag king who will help lead the Mermaid Promenade as a glitter merman!

The camera looks down at a mermaid with a bright blue tail who sits on rocks next to a flowing river.

Porcelain Dalya
Porcelain Dalya is a mermaid with a beautiful tail that will be covered in oil and litter. Porcelain Dalya can't walk in her tail, but she will be accompanied by a business man carting her around with a sack of money.

A group of high school students stand in a parking lot with their large brass wind instruments

Band Land Brass Band
Band Land Brass Band is a group of local high school students arranging and playing fun music for people to dance. This group follows in the HONK! tradition of New Orleans-style street bands, emphasizing learning by ear, playing from memory, dancing while performing, and musical leadership. They play a mix of New Orleans brass band music, funk, R&B, rock, hip-hop, and other styles. Don't miss this group as they parade through the city!