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Annual Hawker/Peddler Licenses are issued by the Cambridge License Commission pursuant to and in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 101, §§ 13-30 (Peddler); Massachusetts General Law c. 101, §§ 1-12A (Vendor) & Cambridge Municipal Code Chapter 5.36, Peddlers/Vendors. It takes approximately four to six weeks to process the application and issue the license, if approved.

How to Start

Step 1:

The applicant must complete the online Annual Peddler/Vendor License application and attach a copy of the applicant's state license. If the applicant is using a truck, the truck's registration must be provided.

Step 2:

The applicant must attach the below to the online application:

  • a valid copy of the MA State Hawker Peddler's License 
  • a detailed route, including time of stops, if applicable;
  • truck registration, if applicable;
  • if a corporation, copy of the Articles of Organization or a copy of the Business Certificate from the City Clerk's Office;
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation (if you have employees); and
  • completed Criminal Record Information Form(s) for the applicant, owner(s) of the business, and manager of the business.

There is a $100 hearing fee and $10.00 fee per CORI submitted. The applicant must attend a hearing before the Board.

Step 3:

If the vehicle uses propane, then the vehicle must be inspected by the Fire Department for compliance with the Department of Transportation & 527 CMR guidelines.

Step 4:

If approved, the License Commission will issue a Peddler/Vendor license upon receipt of inspection approvals and an annual license fee of $39.



$175 hearing and newspaper advertising fee; $39/year license fee; $10.00 per criminal record check form.

Additional Information

Cambridge Municipal Code 5.36.060 restricts the use of these licenses in certain areas.
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