Submit Certified Payroll Reports


In accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 149, §27B, a true and accurate record must be kept of all persons employed on the public works project for which the enclosed rates have been provided.

How to Start

  • On a weekly basis, every contractor and subcontractor is required to submit a certified copy of their weekly payroll records to the City; this includes the payroll forms and the Statement of Compliance form. 
  • A Payroll Form is available from the Department of Labor Standards (DLS) and includes all the information required to be kept by law.
  • Certified payroll reports can be submitted:
    • via email to,
    • via mail
City of Cambridge
ATTN: Purchasing Department
Cambridge City Hall
795 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge Ma. 02139.


  • Every contractor or subcontractor is required to keep these records and preserve them for a period of three years from the date of completion of the contract.
  • Each contractor and subcontractor shall furnish weekly and within 15 days after completion of its portion of the work, to the awarding authority directly by first-class mail or e-mail, a statement, executed by the contractor, subcontractor or by any authorized officer thereof who supervised the payment of wages.
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