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Anyone wanting to make or change a cut in the curb of the street, such as in constructing, moving or removing a driveway must first obtain a permit from the City of Cambridge. The placement of curb cuts can have significant impacts on the safety and quality of life of the surrounding neighborhood. The City will review each permit application with due consideration to the applicant’s desire for the curb cut and public welfare.

Tips and FAQs

How do I enroll my child in an After-School Program?

Enrollment is open to all Cambridge residents or city workers on a first come first serve basis. Those interested in applying are requested to complete and sign a Waitlist / Enrollment Request Form. (Note: This form does not enroll you into a program. It places you on the waitlist for the programs you have selected.) Forms are also available at the Department of Human Services Programs office at 51 Inman Street.

Program staff will contact you by telephone when an opening occurs in any of the Department of Human Services Programs you have selected. If the program is in session, a visit to the program can also be arranged.

How much is the Tuition for After-School Programs?

Tuition is on a sliding fee scale according to total gross family income, determined by your current tax return.

Tuition fees are due by the 1st of the month prior to receiving services.

The City of Cambridge offers scholarships based on income, Cambridge residency and family size. Fees are determined on a sliding fee scale (subject to change).

DTA and Department of Early Care and Education Vouchers are welcome.

For more information contact the Enrollment Coordinator, Chandra Green.

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