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Apply for A Hackney License


Hackney Licenses are issued by the Cambridge License Commission pursuant to the Special Acts of 1922 c. 95, Cambridge Public Transportation Ordinance Chapter 5.20, and the License Commissions Rules and Regulations. It takes approximately four to five weeks to process an application and issue license, if granted.

How to Start

Step 1:

Submit a completed application and waiver for a check of your Criminal Offender Record Information and driving history.  There is a $10.00 application fee.

Step 2:

If the initial record checks do not disqualify the applicant, information as to next steps will be sent to the applicant. 

Step 3:

Once all further required steps are met and documents submitted, the applicant will be asked to appear at the License Commission to be photographed and a license issued.  All licensed are valid for one year only and are void and null when expired.  Licenses do not renew automatically.  The annual license fee is $32.00.

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