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Apply for an Alcohol License, Annual - On Premise


Annual alcohol licenses for on premise consumption are issued by the License Commission pursuant to and in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws c. 138. The processing of an application takes about four to six weeks.  If the License Commission approves the application, it is submitted to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission for final approval.  The process from filing to receipt of final approval takes at least eight to ten weeks.

How to Start

Step 1:

Go the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission ("ABCC") website, complete the proper application on the e-online portal with all required documents attached thereto, and submit it online.  Send an email to once you have submitted the application.  Attach to your email a completed License Commission Common Victualler application, if applicable, completed License Commission Criminal Offender Record Information form (for all owners and the proposed manager of record), and a Licensed Premises Inspection Approval form signed by Inspectional Services providing zoning approval.

Step 2:

If the transaction requires to be advertised, you must submit a $175.00 hearing and advertising fee; if no advertisement is required, submit a $100.00 hearing fee.  You must also submit a $10.00 fee per CORI waiver form.

Step 3:

A hearing will be scheduled.  If it was an advertised matter, you must send copy of the advertisement to all legal abutters and schools and churches within a 500 feet radius within three days of being advertised. You must submit no later than the hearing date, an Affidavit of Notice to Abutters. 

Step 4:

An owner and the manager of record must appear at the hearing before the Board of License Commissioners.  If the Board approves the application, it is submitted to the ABCC for final approval. 

Step 5:

Once final approval is received, you must submit the final sign off from Inspectional Services building and health departments; you must also submit proof of the successful completion of a safe serve alcohol program for all owners, employees who will handle and serve alcohol, and the manager of record.

Step 6:

Once all final required documents are provided to the License Commission, the applicant must submit the annual license fee and the license will issue. 


Provide required forms:

  • Email with confirmation that application has been filed through the ABCC e-portal with all required supporting documentation.  The email must contain in the body a description of the transaction, the licensed premise description and the following attachments:
  • Common Victualler Application, if applicable
  • Criminal Offender Record Information Form
  • Licensed Premises Inspection Approval signed by the Inspectional Services Department


  • $175 hearing and advertising fee, or $100 hearing fee; 
  • $10 for each CORI record check; and
  • Annual license fee (see fee schedule).
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