Apply for an Annual Entertainment License


Annual Entertainment Licenses are issued by the Cambridge License Commission pursuant to and in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 140, §§ 177, 181, 183A.  It takes approximately four to six weeks for an application to be processed and a license to be issued, if approved.

How to Start

Step 1:

Complete the entertainment application.  Submit it to the License Commission with the zoning sign-offs from Inspectional Services Department and a floor plan which delineates where the entertainment will be offered. 

Step 2:

Any application requesting either live entertainment or amplification, an advertised hearing will take place.  As such, you must submit a $175 check with the application.  Also, once the advertisement runs, you must copy it and serve it upon all legal abutters at least 7 days prior to the hearing.  Prior to or at the hearing, you must provide an Affidavit of Notice to Abutters.  Your presence is required at the hearing.

If no advertisement is required, you must submit a $100 hearing fee.  Your presence may be required at the hearing.

Step 3:

Once approved and after providing any further required documentation, the annual fee must be paid for the license to be issued.



  • $175 hearing and advertising fee; or $100 hearing fee. 
  • The annual license fee depends on the approved categories, see fee schedule.
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