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Apply for an Antique or Second Hand Goods Store License


Antique or Second Hand Goods Store Licenses are issued by the Cambridge License Commission pursuant to and in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 140, § 54 and Cambridge Municipal Code 5.28.  It takes approximately four to six weeks for an application to be processed and a license to be issued, if approved.

How to Start

Step 1:

The applicant completes and submits the Second Hand Goods Store License application with:

  • the zoning sign-offs on the Licensed Premises Inspection Approval form;
  • 8.5 x 11 inch sketch or plan showing the store's street and number, entrances and exits, and layout;
  • if a corporation, a copy of the Articles of Organization or a copy of the Business Certificate from the City Clerk's Office;
  • if have employees, proof of Worker’s Compensation; and
  • completed Criminal Record Information Form(s) for the applicant, owner(s) of the business, manager of the business, and all employees of the business.

These must be submitted with a $100 hearing fee.

Step 2:

Once the License Commission schedules the hearing, the applicant must provide notice of the hearing to all legal abutters (those in the front, back, and sides of the premises). At or prior to the hearing, the applicant must submit an Affidavit of Notice to Abutters.

Step 3:

Appear at the hearing.

Step 4:

If approved, submit any further required documentation and pay the annual fee.  Thereafter, the license will issue. 



  • $100 for an annual license
  • $10 per CORI check
  • $100 hearing fee
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