Apply for a One-Day Auction Sale License


One-Day Auctioneer Licenses are issued by the Cambridge License Commission pursuant to and in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws c. 100. It takes approximately two weeks to process the application and issue the license, if granted. 

How to Start


At least two weeks prior to the event, complete and submit the One Day Auctioneer Application with a Letter of Permission from an authorized representative of the premises where the event will take place. The letter should describe the event including the date, start and end times, number of people expected to attend, type of event, name of vendor/peddler, his/her contact information, and types of goods to be sold.  The auctioneer must also submit a copy of his/her state's license. 


The Board will vote on the application at a public hearing.  The applicant does not need to appear before the Board unless informed otherwise by the Board.  If the license is granted, the applicant will receive notification and s/he must come to the License Commission and pay the fee.  The license will be issued at the time of payment.



$31 per day license fee for minor sale items;

$121 per day license fee for larger items
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