Apply for a One Day Peddler/Vendor License


One Day Peddler/Vendor Licenses are issued by the Cambridge License Commission pursuant to and in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 101, §§ 13-30 (Peddler), Massachusetts General Law c. 101, §§ 1-12A(Vendor), and Cambridge Municipal Code 5.36. It takes approximately two weeks to process the application and issue the license, if granted. 

The One Day Hawker Peddler License Application is now online.  

How to Start

Complete the One Day Hawker Peddler Application online.

You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • Letter of Permission
    • For privately owned locations, the letter will be from the owner of the property.
    • For City-owned locations, the letter will be a permit to obstruct the Public Way from Department of Public Works.
    • For Universities you will need either a signed event registration form or permission from the school to vend.
  • University the applicants must also submit Police Sign off from the University Police Department. 

The letter should describe the event: date, start and end time, number of people expected to attend, type of event, name of vendor/peddler, his/her contact information, and types of goods to be sold.

The One Day Hawker Peddler Application must be filled out online at least two weeks before the event so that the Board can vote on the application.  If granted, the applicant will receive notice to pay online with e-check or credit card or you may come into the office to pay with cash or check.

Once payment is received the license will issue through the system and you can print it prior to the event.


Fee: $10 per vendor or peddler per day. 

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