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Serving both the cities of Cambridge and Somerville, the Fuel Assistance Program assists low-income households with winter heating costs incurred between November 1 and April 30. Eligibility for the program is determined by gross household income that falls within the Federal Poverty guidelines.

How to Start

  1. Most applicants who were eligible for benefits last year should receive an application in the mail by the beginning of October. 
  2. Income documentation for your household will be required, along with proof of address and verification of how you heat (additional documentation may be required). 
  3. If you are in a no heat situation or facing immediate utility shutoff, then you will be seen the same day you call; however, no funds can be committed until November 1st.


Eligibility for the program is determined by gross household income that falls within the Federal Poverty guidelines

New applications will be taken starting in mid-October. Please call (617)-349-6252 after October 1 to make an appointment.

English and Spanish speaking intake workers available. Special arrangements can be made to take your application if you're homebound and unable to come to the office.

Additional Information

The Fuel Assistance Program notifies and pays heating vendors directly for program participants that pay out of pocket for their heating costs. Program participants whose heat is included in their rent could be eligible to receive a payment, made directly to them, for the “heat” portion of their rent.

You could be eligible for discounts on telephone and utilities. Weatherization can install attic and/or wall insulation and perform heat sealing measures to prevent heat loss from your home. The HEARTWAP program can repair your primary heating system.

Our office staff gives top priority to “no heat emergencies” or threatened utility shutoffs for individuals with an eligible application on file.

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